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We want to reach out with our glass accessories for the whole country. To every ice cream parlor. Large or small. In the middle of the big city or out on the countryside.

To do so, we use distributors. We have contracts with all the major players in the market. It allows you, that have an ice cream bar or restaurant, to order our products togehter with for example the ice cream. This is for us an enormous strength.

Within the organization itself we have a lot of knowledge about
ingredients such as ice cream and bakery. Candeco Confektyr, the C in Nic, is the expert on sprinkles. Idun Industri, our mother company, has a long history as a producer of toppings, among other things. Frima Vaflers subsidiary JB waffle in Stromsund produces waffles for both consumer and catering.

Where we don´t have our own production we only use external producers and collaborators that can reach our goals in quality. At the same time, we make sure that their expertise adds value to the concept Nic - everything for your ice cream.

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Frima Vafler
+45 70 26 25 11
Grydhøjparken 10 - 8381 Tilst
CVR nr: 14124993

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