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General Information regarding the outbreak of COVID-19 (Corona Virus)

Based on the current situation concerning the COVID-19,  All companies within the NIC group are closely monitoring and following the local governmental guidelines as well as guidelines provided by Orkla ASA and WHO. To simplify and help our customers we have created this landing page where links to all local governmental guidelines is provided. At the moment, we are working very hard on creating the best possible solutions for our customers both for the current situation but also with the future in mind. On this page you can find all relevant links as well as information from our companies in the NIC Group. 

Employees and partners

In order to ensure the safety of our employees and partners we have taken additional safety measures upon delivery and pickup of goods, all our customer contact is conducted via phone or e-mail, no fairs and travels are allowed, and no external or internal meetings will be held in our offices. If our employees exhibit signs or symptoms of COVID-19, they are to stay home to reduce any spread of infection. Go to your local Nic Company website for your local guidelines that are in accordance with any new recommendations from Orkla AS, WHO and the local government. 

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The Nic-group is divided in to 5 clusters.

Nic Nordic (Sweden) (Denmark) (Norway) (Finland)

Nic Germany

Nic BeNeLux
Nic Nederlands BV
Laan Heiloo BV

Nic UK
Nic ice Ltd

Orchard Valley Foods Group
County Confectionery Ltd
Orchard Valley Foods Ltd
Orchard Valley Foods Sweden AB (Candeco)

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