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Here you will find all the brushes and colour palettes to give your ice cream customer an experience beyond the ordinary.

Products news 2016
  • Salted caramel

    The same good caramel flavor as the original is now also available with a touch of sea salt.

    Panda liquorice fudge

    A soft fudge with strong licorice flavor of the brand Panda from Finland - the licorice stronghold


    It's finally here! Miniwafer that is only 65 mm tall. Perfect for taste menus, tapas, decoration of childrens ice cream and much, much more.

    Gluten free (single packed)

    A single packed waffle that is guaranteed not in contact with gluten products during storage

  • Sprinkle stand

    Ideal for small spaces. A stackable box to store sprinkles in. Also shows the range of products to customers.

    Cone storage, plexi

    A practical and hygienic storage for cones. Removable front for accessibility during the opening hours  

    GO YO

    Practical cups with wide collar for stylish arrangements and decorative menus.

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